Education plays a vital role in eliminating poverty – Know how

It can’t be denied that education plays a key role in reducing and sometimes eliminating poverty. Gradually, more and more countries and nations all over the world have started realizing the vitality of education and hence they have started investing in education. The primary goal of philanthropic organizations like is to make education available to as many people all over the world so that this could in turn reduce poverty.

As long as education and poverty are concerned, there are many children who have to face pretty tough situations. Irrespective of the level of poverty, it is directly linked with reduced academic and educational achievement. Let’s check out the ways in which education can prevent poverty.


When people are educated, they remain aware of their health throughout their lives. From the time a woman gets pregnant till the time she delivers her baby, it is most likely that she will take care of her health, provided she knows everything about taking care. Mothers who have received education have higher chances of surviving through a pregnancy and this also reduces the total number of deaths that are caused during pregnancy. In short, education boosts the knowledge of people and they get to know how they should lead a healthy lifestyle.


When you educate an entire population, one of the most natural effects is economic growth. Studies reveal that with every year of schooling, the salary of a person will increase by 10{3ea5559cf44562f6e741d350f234cd1c445bc9a5a13b32306281065fe8b82a24} and this means the GDP of the country will increase by 1{3ea5559cf44562f6e741d350f234cd1c445bc9a5a13b32306281065fe8b82a24} in a year. Education also makes people ready for the workforce. More workers in a nation will mean that fewer numbers of people will remain unemployed. There’s no country in the world that has achieved rapid economic growth without the help of education.


Education has proved to benefit girls more than men. Girls are receiving the kind of empowerment from an education which is economically and personally unmatched due to any other factor. It is seen that women who are more educated are better at making decisions and they also have better self-confidence. Educated women even delay marriage and they take children whenever they feel they’re totally ready for them.

Therefore, when you’re worried about the impact of education on poverty, you should keep in mind the above mentioned points. Try your best to spread education all over the globe.