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Why Signage is Here to Stay If you are to compare signage marketing with digital marketing, the traditional versus the modern, we usually think favorably of digital marketing as the better method of advertising. The traditional method of advertising is not like the modern methods because it is static and this means that this method does not allow interaction with the audience and thus one cannot measure its candid results. It is more like you are throwing information in front of the locals and hoping that they decide to take action. The advantage of digital marketing is that it can reach millions of audience which you can have direct contact with and even get valuable feedback in real time. Traditional methods using signage, ads in magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV are overshadowed by digital marketing which can approach its audience as its principal assets. Also, people today view the world as a digital environment, and everything else are going digital. We even nowadays perform our daily tasks such as shopping and banking online. Digital marketing is on the rise while traditional methods are waning. For me, this influence is just one way of viewing it.
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It is great if people can see traditional and digital methods not as rivals but as something that can work hand in hand and complement each other. Think how a local signage can direct someone to your website (everyone these days carries one anyway). Considering that we have SEO to optimize our digital presence in the midst of a very vast network, how about optimizing your local presence first so it will be easier for locals to locate your website found somewhere in the boundless digital space. Although signage have weaknesses but it also has its own strengths.
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Therefore when we say that signage these days is cost effective for small business and startups, this does not mean to say that you can entirely get rid of your website, for you can even tailor a digital campaign to support your local audience in a more meaningful manner after having been tipped to visit your website via your signage. There are other reasons why signage is cost effect and this is because it uses technology like print instead of pain, modern materials instead of wood, and because of the capabilities of metal or fabric, they are used more extensively. Signs are important but today, they have different roles to play. The benefits of signs are here to stay since you can now integrate them into your marketing strategies since signs can contain your contact information, and it can draw attention to promote and convey information about the business without using a gadget.