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4 Tape Measure Hacks That Will Surely Blow Your Mind Are you confident enough even in this day and age to use most of the things that are being reproduced each day? Can you apply them in your daily life? We are going to talk about 4 things in tape measure that you may not have noticed or maybe did noticed but you just didn’t know what they’re for. You can check them online for many different tape measures which you can find in the hardware store as well. For better options, check them at this website. They may be made out of metal or plastic or they are either a 16 foot, a 25-footer, a 12 or even a 6, it doesn’t really matter. The features are all the same. Nail Grabber. You’re going to pull the tape measure out and the first thing you’ll notice is there’s a slot there on the end. Well, it’s not a design. This feature is unique. And what it is, it is a nail and screw grab. To use it properly you are going to put the slot right over the nail and it secures the tape in place. So if you’re by yourself and you don’t have someone to hold the other end of the tape well that nail grab it holds that tape for you. You can make that measurement. Scriber. The serrated edge at the bottom of the hook is the next design feature. It’s a scribing tool for some reason. This is useful especially if you don’t have a pencil handy. It will help you mark the material you’re working on since this scribing tool is at the bottom of the hook. You can scrape it back and forth. It creates a mark on the surface.
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Spacer. By design, all hooks at the end of the tape measure move back and forth. It is not actually a full inch if you take a look at the first inch of tape measure. Compare the first inch to the second inch. It is actually sixteenth of an inch. The thickness of the hook is a sixteenth of an inch. Measuring it from an inside corner it takes in consideration the space.
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Inside Measure. The base has a number specific for tape measures. It may say three inches or something else. The length is three inches at the base. The millimeter designation is also designated. 76 millimeters is the measurement designation. The question is why do they do that? It makes it easy to make it an inside measurement. Trying to use the tape measure in place on an inside of the window when it bends is difficult to read. Because you know that the base is three inches you are going to use the tape and the body of the tape measure to get the measurement. These hacks made you a better tape measure user while blowing your mind.