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Tips About Website Design The process by which people create web sites is called web design. After creating this web pages, designers display them on the world wide web or www. All over the world, the internet has turned out to be a very important medium for everyone. People all over the world are today using the internet in all areas of their lives including education, socializing and business. As many people seek to become web designers, the course itself has become a very lucrative one to study. We shall therefore discuss briefly what website design is about and why it is important in this modern world.
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With digitization, many businesses are forced to create where their customers can reach them. This is where a web designer will come in to create a website design suitable for the particular business. Business owners will therefore look for a web designer to create a suitable website design for their business.
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One must first think about the target audience for the web page being designed. There needs to be a difference in the website designed used in a children’s page from that of teens and the elderly. One will also need to consider beforehand what function the website will serve. There should be variations in web design for example when advertising a school to the one promoting a musical concert There are some elements that guide the web designer when doing their work and these are color, layout and general graphical appearance. These three elements are in turn influenced by the purpose of the site and the target audience. The color or colors that one will use for example for a children’s website will vary greatly from what you can see on a government website. The layout of the web page will also speak volumes especially for the target audience. Some layouts design need to exude some seriousness while some are laid back depending on the purpose. The overall graphic appearance of the web design should be able to easily market the business and fulfill its purpose. When it comes to web design one will often hear the term accessibility among others. The website should basically be able to assist even the visually and hearing impaired. Having a web design layout that is not accessible mans that even the customer visit to the website are minimal. In the world today, websites have become the fastest, easiest and widely used marketing tool. There for web design is the best way for one to lure customers to their site and promote theirs businesses. It is hard to ignore that by the old traditional what of marketing ones businesses has been taken over by website design. The sooner you upgrade the better.