3 AI Stocks That Could Outperform Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been attractive and turbulent investment options in recent years. Since 2018, Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has fluctuated between $64,000 and $5,100, now trading around $30,000.

Despite over 20,000 cryptocurrencies, none have provided long-term growth stability like the tech industry. Tech firms innovate and evolve constantly, ensuring long-term growth. The rapidly growing artificial intelligence (AI) sector has garnered attention in 2023.

1. AMD AMD shares have grown 600% in five years, over doubling Bitcoin's rise. Technology has boosted demand for high-powered processors, giving the business strong positions in numerous areas.

1. AMD AMD's stock has risen 80% in 2023, mostly because to its AI ambitions, on Wall Street.

1. AMD Nvidia supplied OpenAI's ChatGPT with GPUs before the semiconductor industry entered AI. Many of Nvidia's clients and other tech businesses favor AMD because they expect more competition would lower AI chip prices.

1. AMD Microsoft is funding and developing AMD's AI chip growth. AMD launched its most powerful GPU in mid-June thanks to the cooperation, against Nvidia.

1. AMD What firms will use the new chip is unknown. AMD's lengthy history of success in the semiconductor business and good leadership from CEO Lisa Su imply it might soon equal Nvidia's AI products and benefit significantly from the expanding field.



2. Apple Apple may not be the first AI company you think of, but its dominance in consumer tech puts it in a unique position to lead public acceptance of the technology. Apple's software features use AI.

2. Apple Microsoft and Alphabet routinely discuss their AI efforts, whereas Apple has concentrated on dazzling with AI-enabled software upgrades. It updated the iPhone's autocorrect in June to utilize a language model like ChatGPT to understand a user's texting style.

2. Apple AirPod Pros will get an AI update that automatically turns off noise cancellation during conversations. Apple dominates smartphones, headphones, tablets, and smartwatches. As AI advances, it will likely offer new functions to its products, increasing revenues as they attract buyers.

2. Apple Apple, which has increased 300% during 2018, has more promise and reliability than any cryptocurrency.

3. Amazon Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) lags behind its greatest AI competition, Microsoft, but has made significant progress this year. Its dominant cloud computing market share with Amazon Web Services (AWS) might be a long-term benefit.

3. Amazon Amazon wants to meet additional generative AI needs rather than compete with ChatGPT and Alphabet's Bard. AWS users got two new AI tools at the start of July. Bedrock employs language models to develop unique chatbots, image-generation services, and whole ad campaigns for customers.

3. Amazon CodeWhisperer, a code-generating tool from AWS, speeds up software development. Amazon also develops hardware. CEO Andy Jassy said its AI processors offer "much better price-performance than you'll find anywhere else." The world's largest cloud platform gives it brand awareness that might rival Nvidia and AMD.

3. Amazon Amazon is a household name with the resources to thrive in most markets. Its expanding AI and other industries make it a better investment than cryptocurrencies.

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