7 Rules for Love

Let it Go

This rule encourages us to set aside previous hurts and negative feelings. Holding onto anger and bitterness can hamper love and compassion.

Be Present

Being present implies fully engaging in the moment, with loved ones or otherwise. Active listening and full attention to your life and people are required.

Simplify Life

Reduce complexity and distractions. This lets you focus on what counts, like love and relationships.


Love requires compassion. It is recognizing and empathizing with others' hardships and struggles and helping them.



Improve Yourself

Self-improvement is a requirement for affection. Self-improvement makes you a better spouse and a positive force in relationships.


This rule emphasizes taking responsibility for your relationship behaviors and outcomes. Healthy, loving relationships require admitting and fixing mistakes.

Avoid Expectations

Expectations might disappoint. This rule urges us to love without demanding others' behavior or reciprocation. Love without conditions is frequently the most gratifying.

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