8 ways to  Save More During Amazon Prime Day

Create a Wishlist

Before Prime Day, make a wishlist of products you want to buy. This prevents impulse shopping and keeps you focused on what you need.

Set a Budget

Set a Prime Day budget and stick to it. Deals might lead to overspending, so set a limit.

Use Price Tracking Tools

Use internet or browser extensions to track prices. This ensures that Prime Day discounts are real offers and not merely inflated pricing with a reduction.

Check Lightning Deals

Amazon provides time-limited Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day at huge discounts. Only buy products you need from these limited-time specials.



Compare Prices

Amazon may not be the cheapest. Before buying, check other websites for the best price.

Use Amazon's Own Brands

Amazon has several product brands. These items typically outperform name brands at a lesser price.

Be Quick

Prime Day products sometimes sell out quickly, so if you spot a nice offer, buy it right away.

Check for Additional Discounts

Amazon often gives extra savings for utilizing their app, Alexa voice purchasing, or other promotions. Check for extra savings.

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