9 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

Technical writer

Technical writers compose user manuals, instruction guides, and other technical writings. This job is usually solo and low-stress. Median salary: $72,850 (depending on experience and sector).


Librarians help users, organize materials, and maintain library services. This employment offers calm and intellectual stimulation. Median salary: $59,500 (depending on area and library type).

Data Analyst

Data analysts evaluate data to inform decisions. Compared to high-pressure jobs, it can be intellectually stimulating. Median salary: $62,000–$75,000 (depending on experience and sector).

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers produce media visuals. Meeting deadlines can be creative and stress-free. Median salary: $53,000 (varies by experience and area).

Medical Records Technician

These healthcare workers arrange medical records. Maintaining patient data requires repetitive work. Median yearly wage: $44,090.



Market Research Analyst

industry Research Analysts evaluate industry trends and customer behavior. Analytical and intellectually challenging, the job is moderately stressful. Median yearly salary: $65,810.

Web developers

Web developers build websites. Creative freedom and project deadlines are part of the work. Median salary: $77,200 (depending on skills, experience, and region).


Archivists maintain historical records. History and cultural buffs might like this position. Median yearly wage: $53,140.

Online Tutor

Online instructors teach many disciplines remotely. This employment offers flexibility and a peaceful workplace. Subject, level, and tutor experience determine earnings.

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