Drop These 7 Habits for Happiness

Talking badly to yourself 

Critiquing yourself all the time, having self-doubt, and negative self-talk can hurt your happiness and sense of self-worth. Instead, try being kind to yourself and telling yourself nice things.

Comparing Yourself to Others 

Always comparing your life, accomplishments, and things to those of other people can make you feel envious and inadequate. Pay attention to your own growth and health.

Keeping Grudges:

Keeping resentments and grudges can be bad for your mental and emotional health. You can get rid of this mental baggage by forgiving or at least letting go.


Thinking too much about mistakes you've made in the past or worried too much about the future can make you anxious and unhappy. Mindfulness and being in the present moment can help you stop thinking too much.



Living in the Past 

Thinking about mistakes or good times from the past all the time can make it hard to enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Don't live in the past; learn from it.


Trying to be perfect in every part of your life can make you feel stressed out and let down all the time. Accept that you aren't perfect and see mistakes as chances to learn and improve 


Putting things off can cause stress and missed chances. You can break this habit by breaking jobs down into smaller, more doable steps and giving yourself realistic due dates.

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