New Maxar Geospatial Platform to be Previewed at Esri UC by Maxar Technologies

To provide quick and simple access to the most advanced Earth intelligence in the world, Maxar Technologies has announced the inaugural release of its new Maxar Geospatial Platform (MGP).

Finding, buying, and combining geospatial data and analytics will be much easier with the help of MGP.

High-resolution satellite images, gorgeous imagery basemaps, 3D models, analysis-ready data, and image-based change detection and analytical outputs are just some of the Maxar geospatial material available to MGP customers.

Three customer-specific MGP apps are available, as follows: Utilize MGP Xpress to search Maxar's extensive (over 125 petabytes) library of high-resolution satellite images and make purchases.



Secure, on-demand access to Maxar's imagery library, daily collections, imagery basemaps, and other geospatial data products is available to subscribers of MGP Pro.

Use the MGP APIs to streamline analytical operations or fuel client apps with Maxar material. These APIs may be integrated with SDKs and plugins.

A customer, for instance, may start analytical processes in minutes after browsing a catalog of the best quality geographical data, ordering any material that is offered. MGP is currently available to a limited audience. Maxar believes MGP will be ready for widespread use by the end of the year.

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