7 Best AI Unicorns and Innovative Investment Opportunities

Jasper It's no surprise that a lot of money has gone into Jasper because more and more authors are making money with AI-powered tools. This artificial intelligence business raised $125 million late last year.

Jasper This writing resource claims to provide a return on investment of 350%. Articles, social media posts, and promotional text are just some of the areas where Jasper's AI comes in handy. Users may specify their needs in the tool, and Jasper will provide them with relevant material.

Typeface The company, which has been in operation since 2022, raised $65 million in venture capital earlier this year. You may modify the message's tone, style, and appeal to a specific audience by using a custom typeface to build ads.

Typeface OpenAI, which released the game-changing ChatGPT tool in late 2022, must be mentioned in any discussion about AI unicorn firms. At the beginning of the year, Semafor announced that Microsoft was looking to invest $10 billion in this firm, which caused a flurry of media attention.

Typeface DALL-E 2, an AI-powered generative art tool, was also released by OpenAI, enabling users to create artwork in response to a simple text input.

Anthropic Former OpenAI research executives established the firm in 2021. The artificial intelligence startup has secured an extra $450 million in investment for its ChatGPT competitor Claude back in May.

Anthropic Google (not on e of Alphabet's investment businesses) was a major backer of that round of fundraising, joining the likes of Zoom, Salesforce Ventures, and Spark Capital. Given the size of the investments made in the new company, it's interesting to see how the chatbot fares against its rivals.



Cognite In 2021, after raising $150 million, Cognite became a unicorn. This AI software as a service provider aids businesses in making the transition to digital operations. In a recent announcement, the company claimed that AI-powered systems could speed up business decisions by 90%.

Synthesia This AI start-up claims to have streamlined the video production process. Synthesia is software for making animated videos from written scripts. High-quality videos may be made in a web browser, no editing experience required.

Synthesia This unicorn AI business has revealed that it has received $90 million, thanks in large part to its ability to produce avatars powered by artificial intelligence that appear like real people and can be used in films.

Wayve This new company is revolutionizing the autonomous driving sector by developing artificial intelligence software that can power driverless cars of the future. The company announced Microsoft's participation in a $200 million fundraising round in early 2022.

Wayve Some of the world's greatest corporations may adopt this software, given their interest in autonomous driving technology demonstrated by businesses like Tesla.

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